The Lily Thorne series

Find out where it all began…

Lily Thorne’s first proper heist nearly turns out to be her last when an old flame of her mother’s hires the team to retrieve a long-lost Picasso, stolen from his illegal collection and ransomed for £20 million. They have just five days to achieve the impossible, the client’s feckless son insists on accompanying them… but these are minor hiccups compared to the real problem.

They’ve been lied to from the outset. Lives, not money, are at stake. And some very dangerous people are about to get very, very angry…

Heist Apprentice is the explosive prequel to the Lily Thorne series.

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Precocious twentysomething Lily Thorne and her socialite mother Helen run a consultancy like no other. With a string of A-list clients and the cream of Europe’s thieving talent on the books, they’re the most successful art heist team in the world: masters of cutting-edge technology, identities a mystery to every police force on Earth. Until now.

Stolen-to-order art is big business, and there’s a turf war brewing. Someone with many guns and few scruples wants a piece of the action; Lily and Helen stand in their way. When everything they hold dear is torn from them, they face a stark choice: run forever, or stand and fight.

At times like these you need an ally. Someone who believes in you. Unfortunately, all they have is Art Squad detective Nico Graviano – the man hell-bent on putting them behind bars…

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Standalone novels

Penny Aston is the most successful female racing driver in history. She’s spent a decade fighting her way to Formula One, sacrificing everything she had at the altar of victory.

But darkness has followed her all her life. Now, as she teeters on the brink of superstardom, it has finally caught up. It lurks around every corner of every racetrack. It watches from the shadows behind the glitz of the Formula One circus. It waits for her in nightmares.

And when she falters for a split second, it pounces. A tragic accident leaves her injured and disgraced, everything she fought for taken from her. She must risk her life, and the lives of those she loves, to defeat those that want her broken.

For racing drivers, cheating death is part of the job description. But when Penny’s fight for survival exposes a horrifying decades-old secret, death will seem like the easy way out…

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